the more I think about my past self the more I


Rupert Giles in season 4 vs. expectations

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Lake Lucerne - Switzerland (von MeckiMac)

kc + nonverbal communication


My buddy Tom baked a cake for his Argentinian friend to cheer her up after the world cup loss.

…they are no longer friends.




The wisdom/common sense of some of the youth truly gives me hope



Jimmy Nelson

Before They Pass Away


The most gorgeous and wonderful photoset that’s come across my dash in a while.



OTH meme
[1/10] characters → Haley James Scott

You know that romantic notion that all the garbage and the pain is really healing and beautiful and sort of poetic? It’s not. It’s just g a r b a g e and it’s p a i n. You know what’s better? L o v e. The day that you start thinking that love is overrated is the day that you’re wrong. The only thing wrong with l o v e and f a i t h and b e l i e f is not having it.

“If your compassion does not include you, it is incomplete.”

Siddartha Gautama (via loveyourchaos)

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"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

anya jenkins + mood board

~ [dawn]



Girls who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from boys blame themselves

Boys who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from girls blame girls



Woman live tweets IBM execs discussing why they don’t hire women, tries not to throw up

Toronto-based editor Lyndsay Kirkham has started a firestorm this week after overhearing what was apparently an incredibly sexist conversation between IBM executives at lunch — and live-tweeting it.

Unaware that they were transmitting sexist nonsense to cyberspace, the IBM executives openly discussed “why they don’t hire women.” If you take Kirkham’s account at its word, it actually gets way worse.

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New challenge: We proved we can get more than 1K reblogs a day
TVD Premieres 10/2.
Today is 7/28

We need 79,249 reblogs to 200Ks

Sounds doable to me!

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