These are the photos I have taken in the Temple of Apollo in Didim (Dydma / Didymaion) - Turkey.

This is the fourth largest sanctuary in the Greek world. And It had a famous oracle just like the Delphi had.

A great photoset, thanks for the mail. One day I would like to visit some of the archaeological sites of Southern Turkey. Hadn’t heard Didim before, but now it’s certainly on the list.

Candice Accola & Joe King Wedding

New Orleans, Louisiana | 10.18.14.







Oh my god if you’re going to judge someone’s cosplay you better learn your fucking shit because this is Duela Dent you goddamn assholes.


Perpetually laughing over the fact that “real gamer/comic book nerd” males keep insulting women for cosplaying things they’ve never even heard of 

who’s the “fake geek” now, fuckers? 

Make it viral


I’ve seen this and reblogged this before but i’ll do it again because “real nerds,” can be such fucking ass holes.

Always reblog nerds being put in their place.

To this day, Camille still has got only 30 fanfics under her name on

How can you fail this hard?

Seriously, why is the girl still alive?

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#Team Barbie

  •   I was going to answer you but I got distracted by something and forgot
  •   My inbox fucked up and ate the message
  •   I have nothing else interesting to say
  •   I suck at socialising and don't know how to reply
  •   I get a lot of messages and it takes a while to get through them
  •   I hate you and never want to see you again

Remember that time TO stans basically admitted that Hayley doesn’t have any real personality and purpose by stealing Klaroline fanfics and just changing Caroline’s name to Hayley? Remember how the readers were loving those fics and wanted more?

Even Klayley shippers liked Klaroline more than Klayley.

Klaroline under different name is still Klaroline.

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Klefaroline AU: After a night of heated passion, Klaus wants to clean his dirty rippah. Caroline, on the other hand, has different plans. 

Dedicated to the lovely, Ariel

Pax Augusta  

The last of the five good emperors, Marcus Aurelius, presided over the most majestic days of the Empire. Under Aurelius, whose reign lasted from 161-180 A.D., the sense of unity, and the reconciliation of peoples, was remarkable. Greek scholars studied Roman law at a great law school established by Rome in Syria. Provincial families, having risen generation by generation into the higher ranks of Roman society, were sending their members to serve in the Roman Senate. Yet at the same time there were ominous signs of change.

From Gold to Iron and Rust 

In the last years of Marcus Aurelius’ reign, Rome’s borders on the Rhine, the Danube and the Euphrates were all endangered at once. Although it would be another 200 years before those borders were breached in any strength, Marcus Aurelius’ time was increasingly taken up with military matters. He was often at the frontiers, moving from camp to camp, personally leading his armies (and, between battles, finding time to write his enduring Meditations). The military campaigns eventually put a severe strain on the treasury and on civilian manpower. With so many men called up for service, provinces along the borders began to turn to barbarian peoples for help on their farm lands- leading to the appearance of barbarian settlements within Rome’s borders. And as a final portent of trouble, plague spread through the Empire. 

Decline and Fall 

The three centuries between the great age of Aurelius and the overwhelming of Rome by barbarians is often called the ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’. But Romans who lived during those centuries did not know it was falling. To them, the business of empire went on as usual: petty tyrants paraded as emperors; rich men dressed in senatorial togas; Roman soldiers went forth to battle barbarians, even if they did it more for money than for the glory of Rome. 

When Marcus Aurelius died in 180 A.D., probably of the plague, he was succeeded by the first of many tyrants, his own son Commodus. The famed historian Cassius Dio writes, “Our history now plunges, from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust.”


i don’t actually hate people it just exhausts me being around them for extended periods of time even my friends it’s nothing personal i just actually like being by myself yo

[30/?] favourite films:
Stardust (2007) dir. Matthew Vaughn

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A N N E    B O L E Y N
↳  1.05 “Arise, My Lord”

"My lord. How your tokens and signs of affection frighten me. How can I be to you what you think me to be? You know I am a commoner and I think myself unworthy of your love. Thither offer of it and the passion of your majesty’s words and looks touch both my heart and soul. You have flattered me with so many and such wondrous gifts. Allow me to send you this token in return, small though it is. And allow me to remain, in all things, y o u r   e v e r l o v i n g   s e r v a n t .  A n n e .

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Klaroline Remix - Black Swan - for an anon request

The one where Rebekah drags him to the ballet. Klaus humors his sister, though he’d rather be anywhere else…that is until he catches sight of the new prima ballerina, Caroline Forbes. He stays quiet for the remainder of the night, completely enchanted by Caroline in her stage debut as Swan Lake’s Odette. (X)

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