I know that only some people in our fandom act this way, and I’m addressing this to them, because I know better then to blame the whole fandom for action of a few (as some TO stans love to do).

I do not want romantic Steroline to happen. I do not want Caroline to be put in…

Agreed. To be honest, the true Steroline shippers I have encountered are absolute dolls and they feel very passionate about their ship. They love Caroline and they love Stefan and, even if I’m cringing at the mess TVD will make of the pairing, I appreciate anybody who enjoys these two characters as much as I do.

I just have an issue with the “fake” Steroline supporters who are only shipping them to keep Stefan away from Elena or to keep Caroline away from Klaus. Those are the folks who seem to get aggressive.

Delena shippers posing as Steroline shippers are the worst. Steroline shippers are usually really peaceful and keep to their tags only, they’re supper disciplined and nice that way. But the Delena shippers occasionally pop up to tarnish the Steroline fandom name. 

I think Steroline fandom is probably the nicest fandom in TVD/TO. They’re just happily doing their thing without seeking any conflict.

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Anonymous said: you are right, posting hate about steroline is not solution to anything, but i am sure lot of steroline fans do it to klaroline.

I’m not that sure about that. Steroline fandom is really good at keeping in their tags only. I mean there probably are few who did it, but there were definitely more Klaroliners who invaded the Steroline tag. 

It’s related to the size of our fandom. The bigger fandom, the more bad apples. But I’ve seen a lot of proKlaroline and anti Steroline posts in that tag on many occasions.

AU meme → klaroline, ancient rome

"I’m not in the mood for your company tonight."


"So you should go before I lose my temper."


AU meme → klaroline, horror movie au: klaus obsessively and possessively in love with caroline. so in love that he kills any other guy who gets near her.
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"why are you doing this to me?"

"if i can’t have you, nobody can."


The Originals AU. How it should have been their promotional poster.


He will be a better King than Joffrey.




I wrote a piece for xoJane about the business of being a woman in comics. Trigger warning (and a warning that some of the threats are included in the article).

I know violence begets violence but nothing makes me want to reach through the computer and physically hurt another human like seeing/hearing my friends be threatened. 

Fun Story: gimpnelly & I discussed me going to a con with her as a roommate this summer. My duties: Official coffee fetcher, bourbon buyer, and muscle. My resting bitch face is something to be feared. 

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I know that only some people in our fandom act this way, and I’m addressing this to them, because I know better then to blame the whole fandom for action of a few (as some TO stans love to do).

I do not want romantic Steroline to happen. I do not want Caroline to be put in the middle of the Delena/Stelena mess. But that doesn’t mean I have to be an asshole about it. 

I’d think Klaroline fans would have more understanding for Steroline folks. Steroline fandom has been teased for years about a possible romantic relationship, and it never payed off.

And I think if someone knows a lot about getting their hopes up and then being promptly kicked in the teeth, it’s the Klaroline fandom.

I guess, what I’m saying is, do not be assholes and do not trend anything anti Steroline, because we wouldn’t like it either.

And please, keep the hate out of Steroline tag too. We all hate it when some stupid kid posts hate in our tag.

Why do it when you know how it feels to be the recipient of hate? 

I reread that spoiler again, and Stefan wouldn’t even have to have any romantic feelings for Caroline.

Caroline likes Enzo. Stefan is angry at Enzo and doesn’t trust him for whatever he’ll do this and next episode, so Caroline will push her feelings aside to keep her friendship with Stefan undamaged. No Steroline needed.

What if whatever happens in 5x22 wipes memories of supernatural creatures involved in the fight.

They’re talking about resetting things and a complete wipe-out sure would do the job.

And if they end up in smaller groups and different places, even better.

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Yo i say no to second choice thing. Caroline is our queen n saint Stefan rejecting my baby would hurt me. so, either make him fall for Caroline or don’t make it happen .I am happy with Carenzo.

Caroline should always be the first choice and it won’t happen with Stefna because Stelena will always be present one way or another. 

Stelena fandom is too big to get rid off. So Stelena/Delena 5ever!

Caroline deserves better than that.

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I think Steroline would only regress her in the long run. There’s the Stelena issue and it won’t go away. Not until the very last episode of the show.

It could be seriously damaging to Caroline’s development. And not funny damaging like going on a killing spree, but horrible damaging like sending her back to her season 1 insecurities. And I’m not here for that. She deserves better. 

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The only time I ever saw Stefan sending off any non-platonic sparks towards Caroline was when he lost his memories - that was their opportunity to make a believable Steroline romance - but they shot that down quickly & now all I see are 2 friends

I don’t really see any romantic vibes from Stefan either but I think it’s more likely it’d be him in love with Caroline than the other way. He will be lonely. Elena and Damon will do their own things. And Stefan will have only Caroline. I think he’ll desperate to keep Caroline by his side and will confuse that for romantic feelings. 

I just don’t see Caroline falling for Stefan.

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